Friday, September 27, 2013

Replacement iPhone won't sync on iOS7 - itunes stuck at "waiting for changes to be applied"

So I have got my new iPhone 5 today as a replacement for my previously broken one.

Now I was struck with a problem. After I registered it as a new phone in order to be able to update it to iOS7 as my backup of the old phone was made on iOS7, I was finally able to get it working again except all the apps were missing. syncing was always stuck at "waiting for changes to be applied" (last step of the process).

As I was very unlucky, none of the suggestions I found on the internet worked except the one to transfer all purchases to the new iPhone. At the post of JDCree you can find the way.

now it finally installs and syncs all the missing apps!

I really wonder.  Why is iTunes so uneasy sometimes? I had smiliar "stuck issues" with itunes with older iPHones too.
they could as well, make a time out and give an error message but no, things are just stuck endless.

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