Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Serpost (Peruvian Postal Sevice) now providing international item track & trace online!

I just noticed, Serpost (Peruvian Postal Service) now provides international item track & trace online

I noticed it when checking TrackIt that suddenly, one could select "Peru" as country. So I was interested to know how it was implemented. Checking it online on Serpost's page one can see this result e.g.:

Checking the footer we figure out it's an implementation of the system developed by the Postal Technology Centre, a sub-devision of the UPU, the Universal Postal Union.

2006 is quite an age, but hey, the Bulgarian Postal Service uses the same and it works.

Over here we are we still have no way to track international incoming registered letters and still have to rely on more or less friendly call agents on the telephone! (and it isn't even a toll free number)!

Hooray to Peru, thanks for providing something that works.

Before you had only 2 options: write then an English email and wait for the reply (mostly a one-liner) or go the official way and do an international inquiry like you would for a lost or delayed or damaged item (minimum time of wait: 3 weeks).

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