Thursday, June 07, 2012

Installing Skype for Linux on Mandriva 2011 x64 (64bit)

urpmi.addmedia tmp_Main_32_release
urpmi.addmedia tmp_Main_32_updates
urpmi.addmedia tmp_MIB_Basic_64
urpmi skype --allow-suggest --auto --force
urpmi.removemedia tmp_Main_32_release
urpmi.removemedia tmp_Main_32_updates
urpmi.removemedia tmp_MIB_Basic_64
echo SKYPE has been installed: Enjoy!
echo It needs now some time to configure it properly
echo Greetings from all the MIB Team
echo bye, bye

(based on a script found on mib's blog

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Hubert said...

This is awesome!