Sunday, June 12, 2011

Help yourself: ICQ login problems

Due to being so famous lately and it's running over me on AllExperts:

Having the problem lately that you can't login to your beloved ICQ account?

"Oops, something went wrong."?

But you are sure your password is correct because you have enabled auto-login?

Yeo, but still, it won't!

First question: "Have I been hacked?"
Answer: "No, you haven't".

Solution: Cancel the automatic login process and re-enter your passwird and then click "login" again and voilla, there we go!

Happy ICQing!

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yuliang photography blog said...

nice crap blog , and btw , no one uses ICQ for tens of years already

Nafcom said...

@yuliang photography blog: thanks for the compliment! And it's not true, especially in Russia and Germany it is well widely spread and used still :) My large contact list proves that :)