Monday, January 17, 2011

Windows 7 Service Pack 1 final released / how to slipstream / make your own windows 7 installation DVD.

It has happened! Windows 7 Service Pack 1 final has been finally released!
(Download the 32bit and 64bit versions from here).

Now you wonder, how can I reinstall Windows 7 in the future including Service Pack 1? This is described in a very nice manual here.

What if you have a general problem like this?:

E.g. you own an Acer netbook as a backup computer and it didn't come with an installation DVD for Windows but only an ISO imaging program that creates a customized DVD for factory resetting?

If you happen to know German, then you can find a neat manual for creating your own installation DVD here. Please bear in mind, that RT7Lite will detect the self-created installation DVD but intergrating Service Pack 1 into it will fail for some reason!

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