Friday, December 17, 2010

Delicious closes! - time to move to Mister Wong

Update: Delicious just posted on their blog that the nwws that Delicious will be shut down are false!

3 Years ago I was invited to the beta test of English Mister Wong, the competitor of Delicious, the social online bookmarking service which Yahoo bought a couple of years ago told the masses that it will close soon. A big shock.

But let's be serious. Yahoo didn't do good to them. One example was that I had problems with vanishing bookmarks for a couple of days a while ago, I can't remember that anybody of Yahoo Support ever replied or helped me in the process while Mister Wong Support seems to be more supportive and caring, at least when I beta tested it 3 years ago. I hope they still are as it's now time to move.

Let's hope for the best!

Mister Wong made an according announcement on their blog today

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