Sunday, July 25, 2010

Review: FREETALK Everyman HD webcam

Recently, I received a parcel from Italy from the Skype Store containing the new
FREETALK. This is one of the few webcams that allow HD video in Skype with the latest Skype version. According to the manual required are 1 Mbit/s upload but I have that and I do not get full HD video with my cable internet conection. According to the Skype Store, indeed 1.25, bette 1.5 mbit/s are required for the optimum.

As you can see from the shots, the image is still clear enough with the upload I have to actually read text :) and the camera acts better in dark circumstances than e.g. the Logitech Spehere AF.

The camera works in Windows without extra drivers and on Mac, but for Mac Skype, HD video is yet to come.

Of course you can also try to force it.

Thanks to the Skype store for sending it! AND I will do new snapshots once I switched my ISP in December having 7 Mbit/s upload :)

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