Sunday, February 28, 2010

Chit Chat for Facebook

So we all know, eventhough Facebook is impressing us with a new layout lately but chatting with it I mean with the instant messaging thingie, it ofteh breaks, is laggy, delayed or it just disconnects you. also you always have to have your browser window openand focussed.

Well, there were clients for facebook chat , but they all died or were bad or hat no history saving possibility.

This has changed a while ago, now there is Chit Chat for Facebook which has all the functionality you always wanted:

A proper contact list, message history saving, multiple tabs in one window, online staus detection.

Only disadvantage yet is that you have to be online on the facebook homepage's chat (after you went online you can close the page again).

It can be downloaded here, project leader is Daniel Offer who is a nice guy always willing to help and listen to its users :)

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