Monday, January 25, 2010

Installing Xerox Phaser 6110 / (N) in Windows 7!

UPDATE: meanwhile Xerox updated the promised Windows 7 32bit and 64bit drivers and are available for download from driver downloads

So since my old printer died (I have put it on sale including new ink carts! sale is on ebay, here.), I have decided to get a new one, and the new one is a Installing Xerox Phaser 6110 N as a friend suggested it to me.

Just one small problem: Windows 7 drivers are not available according to the database they are supposed to be released Q1 / 2010 but I question this since they recently decided to stop selling the printer!

And contact email support is a waste as they will send you no email back, and if you ask for a reply you get the answer "call our support hotline".

Installing it on Windows 7 64bit was no problem as just running the setup prg in compatibility mode for Vista worked but when I wanted to install it on my Aspire One netbook this trick didn't work for Windows 7 32bit! Unfortunately it's still detecting that it isn't Vista and denies installing! And the driver I downloaded had no inf file for installing manually. I have found out that on various places of Xerox's hoempage you get the same driver versions but some packages contain the necessary files for installing the driver manually!

(Yes, network compatible!)

So if you are having the problem feel free to email me and I will send the file.

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Stuart said...

Thank you so much! I have the 6110 and 64 bit Windows 7. The happy people at Xerox were glad to admit in their compatibility release yesterday that there are NO drivers for W7 for this printer (the multifunction yes, as it's a more expensive printer... of course they need to get the ones that get them more money selling)
I just tried what you said with installing the drivers under Vista compatibility, and it's working as we speak! Thank you, you've saved me from another printer gathering dust.

Nafcom said...

@Stuart: You are welcome, I am glad I could help you out :)

Allan said...

Thank you for your comments on the 6110N, unfortunenally it does not work for me :-(

I am running both windows 7 32 and 64, and I cannot find the printer using either the 32/64 version of the driver downloaded from xerox homepage.

I plugged in into my router, and I see that it has got an IP. Windows can also search for network printers but does not find anything (just as the xerox driver which searches, but just does not find any printer).

I have tried with two different routers, still doesn't help.

Feel free to give any advice :-)


Nafcom said...

@Allan: You have to first install SetIP which you can find on the CD shipped with the printer or on the download page for the drivers/apps of this printer. Install it in compatibility mode for Windows Vista SP2.

You have to adjust the subnet mask, gateway and the IP address fitting to your network.

Then download the 64bit version of the Windows Vista driver for installing it in compatibility mode in your x64 win7 for Vista SP2.

For your 32bit Windows 7, running in compatibility mode for winvista sp 2 won't work; here you have to grab the driver for Vista 32bit in the version that contains the single driver and ini files and install it using device manager in control panel.

If you cannot find the driver, email me and I will send it to you.

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