Tuesday, January 19, 2010

ICQ7 is out!

ICQ 7 is out and it doesn't look like being some kind of beta ! So for the first time since I am using ICQ; there is no public alpha/beta test this time, it seems.

It can be downloaded from ICQ's public hp at http://icq.com/download.

It installs itself in a separated folder rather than doing and upgrade installation.

To import your complete message history from ICQ 6.5, you have to do it this way: Menu --> Contacts --> Message history. you can also import contacts separately by contact if you want within the contact's message view.

Also you should check the prefered key for sending off messages in the settings as the good old ALT S doesn't work anymore! (A SHAME!!! :( ).

You can see from the screenshot, ICQ Lifstream is included now (THe echo button on the top of the contact list), the notification system is back (now a red flagged box called "My Box".

The ICQ Webcam message is now "ICQ Zones" as a little 'Z' icon on the right, same with the Xtraz came center being located above!

Things I don't like is, that the contact list appears to be wider now and I still see no settings for webcam and audio devices.

It also has problems with ICQ clones as it cannot read umlauts from them, seems ICQ changed something in the protocol this time regarding unicode.

Maybe they will more be comming because as we know it, since 2003b they were able to remotely enable / disable functions and add/remove buttons from the GUI.

They also put a video showing all the new features here:

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