Tuesday, November 24, 2009

News about "Skype on Mobile"

There are News about "Skype on Mobile":

For once the funny new advertisement video:

There is even one more I just discovered:


Read more about it at http://skype.com/magic (Source and more info at Share Skype Blog)

And fitting to that Skype announced the Nokia N900 which has Skype integrated rather than downloading:

According to a comment in Skype's Facebook group it implies that Video calling was promised but not included.

A reply by Skype to this question in the facebook group is still missing to date. Unfortunately it does not show an example about the audio quality but I guess they use their SILK codec there too as they recently did the same with the iPhone version of the Skype software.

According to the comments of a Skype poster, they even have a Blackberry now in beta test.

What did Skype support do prior to Skype for iPhone? They suggested using fring.

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