Friday, November 27, 2009

Jaanus Kaase compares Google Wave with Skype Chat

Jaanus Kaase, ex-member of the Skype Team speaks in his blog about how Google Wave works, is designed and how Skype desidgned multi-user chats and what problems they came across.

Jaanus Kaase is reasoning this way:

"I was intrigued because it was a déjà vu from five years ago to me. It was the time when I was challenged with leading the effort to design Skype chat to support multiple people. I now thought a five year anniversary is fitting to document this part of Internet history. And furthermore, enough time has gone by to make sure that this doesn’t contain any proprietary info or doesn’t hurt anybody. A lot has changed with Skype chat and conversations, and I mostly wasn’t a part of the later changes. I can’t really explain the more recent work. I can only discuss how it came to be."

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In a later post, Jaanus also explains why Google Wave is still broken and how you can get teh following error screen and your data is lost:

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