Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Skype Echo Video Test Service shut down

As a result of Skype recently discontinuing Skype Extras, Tapur decided to shut down its Skype Echo video test service for good.

Quoting Yamamoto Tatsuya:


Maintenance of videoecho123 was difficult technically, and I decided to finish this service.
It is one of the reasons that I was disappointed at recent Skype.
For example, the abolition of Skype Extra or suit over Skype.

20.Sep.2009 Yamamoto Tatsuya (www.tapur.com)"

It's very bad and sad since it was the best way to test whether your webcam works and what it looks like.

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Wolfbernz said...

That's a shame.
Since we have our own now I think this is very important for users.
I like the ability to check both my audio and video before I make a call.


Nafcom said...

@Wolfbernz: Well , you can still test the video inside Skype's preferences but not etablish a call for testing your webcam with a service. Agree with you :)