Sunday, October 11, 2009

Philip is going to release new Skype Dualphone soon: VOIP 855

We have heard it: Philip is going to release new Skype Dualphone soon: VOIP 855
(source: Skype Gear Blog.)

(With "Skype on Devices" client included). Interesting is that according to the copyright message of all phone's clients, the client is from 2007 and appears to not be updated ever since.

However, it's interesting that Ipevo was able to make it awesomely bug free in their Skype phones!

Now we wonder, why we see nothing of this phone on the philips sites or in the mail trader shops?
Because according to the German Philips site, they obviously decided to rename it to VOIP8550B!

It can be ordered e.g. from for 123.98 EUR. At the time of writing this I found no product site of the phone on the English Philips side.

For Skype long time and power users it's not usable anyway, as it unfortunately, like the most other Skype DualPhones, can only support up to 200 Skype contacts which is too small. There are only 2 phones with Skype on Devices client included I know of that support more is the Netgear SPH200D Dualphone /(according to technical specs it supports up to 500 contacts!) which is unfortunately no longer on sale.

According to Netgear Support, the EU model is in whole Europe the same. The US variant uses another and might not be working in EU.

Also the previous model of the Philips phone, the Philips VOIP8411B supports up to 500 contacts.

Last interesting bit: The new Philips VOIP 8550 will according to the manual come with a answering machine for PSTN (landline) calls included.

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