Sunday, September 13, 2009

Jan Geirnaert closes Skype Watch/Skype Gadgets blog forever!

As Jan Geirnaert wrote recently on Facebook, his blog will be closed forever as he put the domain on sale!

With this sale, one of the biggest and best blogs for Skype news and Skype hardware reviews will close down! :(

Thanks for the blog Jan, we will miss you!

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Anonymous said...

I(t) will not be missed. There is no future for the Skype hardware development and hence no more review or free advertising for all those hardware vendors. Just like the 3d party skype plugin development died, this has died also. Dead things die a certain death on the internet.

Nafcom said...

@Jan: Maybe you are right but your blog was always an interesting source for information, doesn't matter whther it was about Skype hardware or anything else related to Skype.