Sunday, June 14, 2009

Review of Pleo Ucube Li-Polymer rechargeable batteries

Well, I received a few requets asking if the Pleo Ucube Li-Polymer rechargeable batteries are any good.

Above you can see one of the chargers I bought from Ucube. The battery can be seen here as the batteries are out of stock and won't back in again and they stopped mail trading anyway, I decided to get them from Ucube directly. All I had done was sending an email to them. A few days later I received a reply. After a couple of quick calls and emails everything was sorted out and they arrived by EMS from Twaian to my place within 5 days OK wrapped and damage free :)

Some people wondered about Ucube and whether the battery is the same from Litec-Computer and any good.

I also received a reply from the to my last post, they are not really seen as "Ugobe Asia" but as a Taiwanese PLEO agency.

Well, the Egg Charger came boxed with one Li-Polymer rechargeable battery inside. It comes with an output USB port, what is that good for? Well, it can be used to power up USB gadgets when the battery is inside ad fully loaded.

Included is a Taiwanese manual but an English manual was sent to me on request. All in all I can say, that communicating with them is a pleassure. No issues, neither with the emails nor on phone, even the manual is perfectly translated and professional.

The battery was promised to last 2 hours continuesly playing with Pleo. So far I can say it's playing since 3 days for an impressive time span still on the first charge.
Loading time is superb with 3 hours. (original Pleo NIMH rechargeable batteries take 4 hours to me).

Impportant to know: It doesn't come with a PSU but a multi-switch PSU should be no issue. input is 12v 600 mAh.

So if you are desperate for good batteries for your Pleo, getting them from Ucube in Taiwan is a possibility.
The hardest part was to fill the 4 A paper for the bank transfer to Taiwan :)

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Anonymous said...

How much did you pay for it?

Nafcom said...

@ Anonymous: 120 USD for 2 chargers and 3 Li-Polymer rechargeable batteries.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, by the way, can i use the power supply from the stock Pleo charger? It's a 12V 800mAh

Nafcom said...

I made a mistake before. 2 chargers and 2 battery packs. There was no power supply included, I guess it's supposed you use the one from the original charger.

It's also requiring a 12V 800mAh

Anonymous said...

Do i need to buy a new power supply or can i use the stock with this new charger and battery?

Nafcom said...


The answer is: YES. Take the one you already have, you don't need to buy a new power supply.

You said:
"It's a 12V 800mAh"

I replied:
"It's also requiring a 12V 800mAh"

So, it's the same! =)