Sunday, June 21, 2009

How to re-add SkypeMe in Skype 4.0

I have written about the fact that SkypeMe has been removed earlier, it was the status that made you showing available for calls and chats from strangers.

It was a cool feature that unfortuantely was used by a lot of spammers to annoy people.

Instead of finding another way, Skype removed it. Now Skype has made an official announcement in March why it was removed.

Today, I learned that there is a tool to re-add SkypeMe mode in SKype 4.0. I just tried it today and it works :)

Well done! Thanks! :)

but there are too ways: The above tool (scroll up on this page to see the download link) and using skype on devices phones that still have skypeme mode. since the last skype status will be the one used for all other skype instances!

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