Tuesday, June 23, 2009

BlogDumps Tuesdays #13 - My Contribution

As some steady readers know, I am a supporter and fan of Wolfbernz's BlogDumps.

It's again Top Sites Tuesday and today's theme is what is your blog about?

Well, what is my blog about? So...this is hard to tell... originally it was supposed to be a pure fun blog with no serious contents on it, hence the name "Nafcom's Crap Blog", but it turned out I found something about various things that I found interesting enough to post.

So, it turned out to become a place where I provide solutions for problems I were having and I had to find the solution myself. Many information is not available elsewhere, and so I often get emails from people asking me about drivers, workarounds or other solutions I found and I even receive positive comments about my blog posts.

The 2nd theme of this blog is supposed the difficulties and adventures in global communication.

So thanks for the support and interest all the years, I am glad it proved to be helpful for many people :)


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Trina said...

I guarantee you I have never thought your blog was Crap! And I have always appreciated your input on BlogDumps (especially in the beginning)

And it was totally you that introduced me to Opera and Firefox! Thanks!

Wolfbernz said...

Thanks for the kind words Nafcom!

I have to agree with Trina I have found some good info on your blog.

We'll have to do an AIM chat soon it's been too long!

Thanks for joining in the fun.


Nafcom said...

@Trina & Wolfbernz : I am glad I was able to help you a bit, you are welcome :) I sure look forward speaking to you soon again!

Thanks for the support, as well!

AngelBaby said...

Your blog isn't crap - it is wonderful with lots of great information. I enjoyed reading it.

Here's your click ........

Love and Blessings,

Nafcom said...

@AngelBaby : Thanks for that, very nice of you :)