Sunday, May 31, 2009

Skype overcharges you when dialing premium numer services of Germany

I figured out recently Skype overcharges you when dialing premium numer services of Germany.

Instead of charging 14 € cent/minute like any other landline company does (well, Skype is more likely supposed to charge like a landline /traditional voip service than your mobile phone compan who wants 90 cent/min for premium call numbers) Skype charged it 20 € cent/min so like a mobile phone call.

Pointing it out resulted in 1) sending me the info page for UK premium numbers and when I pointed out it were German premium numbers they sent me to the main rates sites.

As you can see in the Skype forums here I am not the only one with the problem.

Skype refused so far to give me the money back I was overcharged. It was only a small amount but still a bad sign.

update: I have now got my money back for the overcharging including the follwing statement:

"Hello Joerg,
Thank you for writing back.

The number you called is a shared cost number in Germany, these numbers
are unfortunately charged at a higher rate than regular landlines.

Thank you for calling our attention to the fact that these numbers are
not listed separately on our price list, we have forwarded the issue to
the appropriate department and we apologize for the inconvenience.

Please accept these Skype credit vouchers with our deepest apologies to
compensate you for the price difference:


You can redeem the vouchera here:

Again, we sincerely apologise for the inconvenience.

Should you need more assistance, feel free to contact us again; we will
be glad to help.

Best regards,

Eva S. - Skype Support

Skype Customer Support

Visit for latest news, updates and tips."

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