Monday, June 01, 2009

Installing Microsoft ehome Media Center Remote Control Receiver in Windows XP X64

If you are searching for a way to get your XBOX360 remote working in Windows Vista, check out this post on the All Reviews Online blog!

You got a Media Center infrared receiver and have the problem that it doesn't install in Windows XP X64? There are some manuals (for Windows Server 2008 32bit) on the internet and some hints but they are spread everywhere and are outdated and don't work in most cases.

So I sat down and figured it out on my own within 2 hours.

Like some some headsets and some scanners, the drivers for Windows Vista X64 will also work in Windows XP X64, however 3 issues:

1) It is downloaded from Windows Update severs for installation
2) It won't install on Windows XP X64 without modification
3) The installation process has some issues

First of all, I copied the following files from the Windows Vista X64 Service Pack 2 folder into a separate folder (Just used search function within the Vista folder):


Then you create a sub folder and copy all files of one of the \Windows\winsxs\amd64_input.inf folders of Vista.

It has to contain the following files:


Now open and edit the files


replace all places containing "NTamd64...1" with "NTamd64" otherwise the drivers won't be installed.

Now you boot up Windows XP X64, it will ask for the drivers. Select to choose your own, click on "browse", select your folder with the driver files.

It will then ask if you really want to install, confirm this.

Notice: Now at the end of the installation, the installer will crash. It might also accidently cause another action like a program start (it tried to start Sega Rally which I had installed) or it will simply freeze the installation window of the driver routine.

Afzer you killed the frozen installer talk, Windows will tell you it found new hardware and installed it successfully.

Then it will find an "unknown device" and ask for those drivers. Go now to the subfolder in which you put the 2nd driver and select this. Also here you confirm you really want continue installation! And done!

If you want the driver you can also email me.

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Rebeca said...

Can anyone tell me Visual Studio 2009 is running properly in Windows Vista ?

Nafcom said...


Yes, it works :)