Thursday, April 30, 2009

FullHD on the PC! Finally! Thank you, Corel!

After having solved issues with the surround sound support via optical digital sound output I still had the problem in PowerDVD 7.3 (that is supposed to support everything in its blu-ray edition that came as OEM with the LG HD-DVD/BluRay drive) that it wouldn't play DTS as surround but as 2CH sound mirrored to the 6 speakers (so sound was identical on front and rear speakers). I found on the English CyberLink site that there is some DTS plugin required for PowerDVD 7 OEM which I purchased and it didn't work, as it would say the key is invalid.

The nightmare continued with PowerDVD support keeping sending me keys and a download for versions that have no HD support (quite useless then...). Meanwhile they released a new version (Yes, everytime they add support for newest BluRays you have to download THE WHOLE program again!) that obviously has a bug and makes it crash. It's known since years (example here!!) and a really working solution is not in sight. I updated my problem to PowerDVD support with this detail, their reply was an email with another serial number.

I asked Elements5 (the seller of the DTS plugin for PowerDVD7 OEM) to give me my money back. The process is pending verification now.

Frustrated by this and the fact that later vesions do no longer HD-DVD supported (hey the HD-DVDs are cheap and their quality is awesome just like bluray!) made me looking for an alternative. I came to try WinDVD that works awesome! It automagically detected the special features for video playing of my graphics card and the optical sound output of my sound card and for the first time I had real surround sound with no hassles anymore!

Thank you Corel for continueing this awesome product and make it full featured in the "WinDVD9 with BluRay" version!

Extra surprise: The new CyberLink PowerDVD remote control can control WinDVD9, too (pretty much even! Amazing!!!).


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