Saturday, April 04, 2009

C64 Arkanoid in Europe

There are a few things probably many European C64 game fans do not know. One of those things is, that there are 2 versions of the game "Arkanoid". One made for PAL and one made for NTSC. Obviously the PAL version is the original here since the musics play too fast on NTSC and has been cut some levels from.

Thanks to Pete Rittwage for supplying most of the information, the NTSC version playing on NTSC video and for his permission to upload it and use it in this blog post.

As you can see, the NTSC vesion of the game has been sold at many places in German C64 shops probably because apart from the flicker in the intro pictures scroller it plays well:

And here is how the NTSC version plays on NTSC:

As you can see no flicker at the intro pic scroller! Unfortuantely however they didn't NTSC fix the tunes playing routine means all sound effects and musics play way too fast :(

Conclusion: The NTSC versions looks better on PAL than on NTSC :( Best of course is to get the PAL version!

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Earl Waren said...

It’s a very good game. You do not go any where for a moment because your interest increase every moment when you play this game and you are full of enthusiastic.

Nafcom said...

@Earl Waren :

I totally agree with you as I like the game a lot myself! :)