Sunday, February 15, 2009

The HardSID4U special offer & Selling my HardSID PCI!

Note: Because I got the USB version of the HardSID now, I am selling my PCI variant at Ebay here! Feel free check it out! =)


HardSID celebrates 10 Year Anniversary - so you save 100 EUR now if you decide to order till 18th of March 2009 or until the current stock is exhausted!

The card arrived safely as a registered letter to my place. (i.e. I picked it up from the local postal service agency).

The quality of the device us superb, looks like manufactured by a large company. Also the sound quality is great! So exactly like we know from the PCI variant =)

First time ever, it has Windows X64 (64bit!) support! (Thanks Téli!)

There are a few things to pay attention about though if you decide to run it under Windows Vista X64 (XP X64 is no problem). Problem here is, that the 64bit drivers are not signed! Thanks to the help of Wilfred Bos who suggested the following:

Use prior to installing Driver Siganture Overrider! It works perfectly!

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