Saturday, January 03, 2009

Installing the Mir:ror: A very painful experience!

I have today got the new RFID reader from Violet which allows the Nabaztag/tag to smell the created so called "Ztamp:s" and nanoTags programmed with it !

(I wrote about the mir:ror earlier on my blog).

I wanted to share my email which I just sent to the mir:ror support:

"Hi there, I am using Vista X64 Ultimate SP1 and wanted to tell you it took me 3 hours (!!!) to get my mir:or ready! Here is what happened:

If I install the version Mirware 0.94 with Windows fix found on

The mirror is detected and the nanotags can be programmed and used, but after 1 minute this doesn't work anymore, the mir:or doesn't recognize them anymore (the mir:ror itself is still detected by the software!) I also checked whether energy safing was activated for the USB ports but nope!

If I install any previous version from or the official version from you offer there for download, the mir:ror itself works perfectly but no action can be performed as the mirware program gives the error "Interface not registered" permanently. Also those versions all kind of slowdown the PS/2 port of my PC (MSI MS-7325) which means my Logitech MX-1000 is bloody slow and mouse clicks mostly work not anymore (I have latest SetPoint software installed).

Summary: Install "Mirware 0.94 with Windows fix" and the mir:ror will work for a minute (reinserting USB plug 10 times and sometimews switching ports helps it for another minute)


Install the official final Mirware from and the mir:ror will work nicely but hammer on the mouse PS/2 port and application actions won't run as it says "Interface not registered" during trying to play the stuff in mirware.


Mind you: I followed the manual and quick manual strictly and even restarted Windows in between and did a clean uninstall and checked whether really all files got deleted.


After 3 hours, I found the fix: TOTALLY IGNORING THE MANUALS!!!

Don't unplug the mir:ror
Uninstall any mirware
NEITHER reboot Windows NOR unplug the mir:or!
Install he official version from
Uninstall the software again
Install the version Mirware 0.94 with Windows fix found on

Be happy with your mir:ror!

This was really a painful experience!


CAUTION: The setup program is broken! As is the Uninstaller!

Here is how the setup program is broken:

If you select "Run on Windows startup" it won't work. It will either not add the starup entry to the registry! or confuse C:/ with C:\

Here is how the uninstaller is broken

DANGER!!! The uninstaller will try to remove all the other startup entries from your registry!!!!!!!!!!!!


I am seriously shocked by how buggy this software, drivers and the setup / uninstaller are!"

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