Friday, January 09, 2009

ICQ Lite is back! ICQ Lite 7

ICQ seems to have decided to feed those people who complained about the Xtraz of ICQ 6 (down till ICQ 4 Lite)

While back then the difference between Pro and Lite was that - as of ICQ 4 Lite - Lite had Xtraz while ICQ Pro (ICQ2003b) had none but other "professional features that lacked in ICQ Lite (ICQ Lite - ICQ Lite 4), the difference now, according to Chip Germany is, that the new ICQ Lite 7 has no Xtraz in comparance to the just recently released ICQ 6.5 with Open Xtraz.

With the release of ICQ 5 in 2005, the ICQ Team decided back then to get a rid of the lite and pro lines (which they just created in 2004) and make just one big ICQ that has it all again. But because many users missed the "Pro" features of ICQ2003b and before (you could switch ICQ back then between "Simple" and "Advanced mode"), ICQ re-coded ICQ from the scratch and released an unfinished ICQ 6 with the promise of revolutionizing ICQ and bringing back the loved Pro features.

Still many complained that they do not need Xtraz games and stuff (which you could disable) and only want to chat. And for such people is ICQ 7 Lite!

It can be downloaded from here. also released screenshots of ICQ7 Lite (click on "Weiter" there to get the next screenshot).

Note: The screenshots are in Russian but at the beginning of the installer you can choose which language you want to use ICQ in!

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