Saturday, November 08, 2008

Skype's support isn't so bad / Vivatel however ignores any questions

Recently, I had to come to the conclusion that Skype's support isn't that bad after all, at least they reply to their emails.

I received a perfect reply

Hello Joerg,

Thank you for contacting Skype Support.

Our call rates are the same no matter where you are calling from, they only vary depending on where you are calling to, for more information please see our call rates list:

If you are calling a mobile phone that is abroad then the receiver will have to pay roaming charges according to their roaming agreement. Also, in some countries people are charged for incoming call as well as outgoing by their phone provider.

Best regards,

Mihkel P.
Skype Support"

Now I needed the info from Vivatel regarding this issue.

Sending emails and even a fax caused... NO reaction and the international numbers mentioned seem to be premium numbers that do not work from Skype. In the downs of their homepage I found one that works: +359 (0) 87123 and then the case was like: they hung up on me on the *English* hotline.

You know this kind of... *something in Bulgarian* " Vivatel" *something in Bulgarian again*. Then "For English, press '1'" - "Your call may be monitored to assure service quality" - *somebody says something in Bulgaria* and I say: "Hello there, I hope you speak English, too" *click*

Skype: "call ended",

Thank you!

maybe he dropped his headset or fell on the X key on his phone's dialpad.

The 2nd try I was put on hold and they found somebody who knew English.

Their homepage is full of errors, too...

For example a nice service they offer for business customers are:

weak up calls. Maybe it's for managers that are too powerful.

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Tropicaljantie said...

as compared to what ? I have always found it extremely funny the voip telephony company has no telephonic helpdesk :)

Nafcom said...

@Jan: Compared to companies like Vivatel Bulgaria who do ignore you totally...

I prefer email over phone hotlines as the latter ones are mostly not 24/h, mostly not for free and their answers are not so well thought sometimes.

Email is here a huge advantage.

James said...

Yes, I agree with this statement is call rates are the same no matter where you are calling from, they only vary depending on where you are calling to. That is very good thing.
That is why i like very much skype.

Nafcom said...

@James: Thanks for your feedback. Oh, by the way, Vivatel wrote a letter and sent it to me. So there will be a follow-up post regarding this...