Friday, October 03, 2008

Joost & Logitech SetPoint = no function! And it won't be fixed!

Before I start this post, let me assure you that I have reported the problems (bugs) to both, Logitech and Joost over a year ago and sent an update to them. Joost didn't reply and Logitech replied they will send it to the developers but it most likely won't be fixed as there is no interest from the usership to fix what Logitech/Joost broke over a year ago.

The issue is that the media keys (play, next, previus, play, etc) of Logitech keyboards no longer work in Joost for Windows. Well, it used to work but doesn't anymore.

But this is not important anymore as Joost moved to a browser plugin instead, the client for Windows is no longer available for download and also the blog is down with the error "forbidden".

Is Joost about to die? I seriously hope not!

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