Saturday, October 25, 2008

IPEVO: Doesn't seem to like Vista but starts to love Apple Macs!

As Ipveo pointed out on their blog, they re-released the Ipevo TRIO speakerphone, made it white and added softeare for Mac and Ichat. (Yes, the same product which was first claimed to be Vista compatible and then.... not.!

Well good luck on that market dear Ipevo!

Here is more info on the Ipevo Mac page!

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Branson Computer Repair said...

After spending 12+ years in the Branson computer repair field, I can say for a fact that there are a lot of companies who are choosing MAC over Vista. With all of the problems Microsoft has been having (for years), it's no wonder that the big-name corporations are looking for alternatives to the Microsoft operating systems. Most compiuter users that we support here in Branson are actually thinking about making a company-wide switch to MAC. Un-fortunately (for me), this would mean an end to the Branson computer repair business for PC support techs. =) Thanks! - Branson Computer Repair

Nafcom said...

@Branson Computer Repair:

Maybe but Mac has 2 major problems:

1) no support of certain standards in new computer releases (no support of firewire, fdd drives, etc)

2) Hardware is more expensive than for PCs.

Anonymous said...

While I'm all for new Mac peripherals, and I particularly endorse the adoption of iChat (which is really just support of AIM), it seems kind of silly and/or redundant to make a "speaker phone" to do things that are built-in to most current (and older) Macs.

Both my MacBook and my iMac have built-in omnidirectional microphones which probably perform light years better than Ipevo's "speaker phone". I can record any of my conversations using Call Recorder. And I love the statement: "If geeky rebel radio is your thing, it records podcasts in tandem with GarageBand, too." Yeah... ANY audio input -- microphone, etc. -- can import to GarageBand. I see this thing as just one more silly, useless USB device.

Incidentally... I see a lot more systems than just Macs that don't come standard with FDD drives. I should say, though, that they are supported -- I have a USB FDD drive that works very nicely with my Mac(s). Of course, I think I've only used it like three times... but hey, it works.

I do lament the loss of FireWire, though.


Nafcom said...

@AJH: USB Floppies are not native, so that is what I meant by "no native FDD support".

Well, the Ipevo TRIO is really very good, quality wise!

Anonymous said...


Quality notwithstanding, it just seems kind of reduntant to put out a product that mimics the functionality that's already built into the products that it is intended to work with. Wouldn't a wireless headset be more effective, especially for "podcasting" and working with GarageBand .

I have an iMic. I bought it for when I wanted to use a microphone on my PlainTalk-port-equipped G4, but I still use it today on my MacBook. It is, far and away, the best audio product I have ever bought for any computer. I imagine, far better than a one-trick pony that is the Ipevo phone.


Nafcom said...


Well, maybe it's just the first Mac product in a line of upcoming new ones. It was probably easier to re-colour an already existing product and re-write the software than developping something totally new.

Very poor is however to first claim it is Vista compatible and tell me my device is broken just to find out that indeed the software package is not Vista compatible and instead going to support Mac.

Fortunately I was sent this product. If I was buyer of the TRIO, I would probably wished them to hell. Such actions put a very bad light on companies and I do not know of any other case.

This is so sad because the SOLO phone they made is one of the best Skype phones I ever came across!