Saturday, October 04, 2008

fring for the iPhone 3G is out - on the AppStore

fring is here and this time *some* users can download from Apple's AppStore.

Why I am saying "some"? Well, it appears that for example Russians can't.

So with fring we have now an application that can do native Skype2Skype (and native ICQ audio chats) rather than re-directed through SkypeOut like IM+ for Skype does it!
However! : This function only works on wi-fi!
If you are on 3G or EDGE you are doomed. According to the fring forum the reason is Apple!

I have already found a few things they should change so I wrote an email to them:

"on iPhone 3g needs a lot improvement!

Here are things you should change and I also would like to know whether they are in the plans:

-Support of Skype2Skype and ICQ2ICQ calls also on Edge and on 3G also being sensible and working after shaping got intact: The contract of T-Mobile Germany e.g. says that in Complete M tariff, speed is slowed down to ISDN speed if more than 500 MB is used per month!
Original Skype works fine on 64k ISDN lines, so please support it, too!

-Seeing of money balance for SkypeOut

-Seing in contact list who is on ICQ and who is on Skype. I have huge contact lists on both messangers and many are also on both! This makes things very uncompfortable

-Typing indicator

-Transferiing message history of conversations done on Fring when starting WIndows SKype (IM+ for Skype does this for example! :

-Seeing the user details of ICQ and the User Profile of Skype

Thanks in advance!
Joerg Droege

fring also made a video introducing fring for the iPhone3G in a video, watch it!:

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