Sunday, October 12, 2008

Blind man can see - thanks to Skype!

A blind man uses Skype video to let somebody guide him while he sails, rides a bike, ect!

it's really ipressive and the below video even contains several demonstrations including a life one!

Source of this info: Skype Watch blog.

The original post can be found on Skype's US blog (Part 1 / Part 2).

Quoting from Skype's blog:

"He notes that Gallagher's system is a "seemingly simple, yet brilliantly clever remote guidance system. Ed mounts a web-camera to a strap around his forehead, and the camera wirelessly transmits the live video over the Internet using free software called Skype. Ed's friends take turns acting as his guide. Both wear microphones and earpieces, and talk back and forth as the guide tells Ed what he's 'seeing.' He's testing the barriers, and regularly uses it to sail, but also tries shopping, cross country skiing and even biking in Golden Gate Park.""

Very cool!

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Anonymous said...

yeah cool posting. maybe they should give this kind of "lookingglas" to the sykpe ceo so he could develop some vision. although, since information is processed by the brain, maybe it's better to replace the head...

Weirdo said...

hey...nice piece of information for the other people with the same ambition out there... good work..

Nafcom said...

Thanks guys, I am glad and sure hope my postings are informatuve and helpful :)