Monday, September 01, 2008

September 1st - a sad day in the Skype community

September, 1st (so that's today) is a sad and dark day for many in the Skype community! As Skype announced, SkypeCasts is no more!

Effective from now on, SkypeCasts is down.

Skype even replied to the comments on the above linked announcement.

Skype's replies to the angry and sad usershi can be read here.

Skype is definately going into the wrong direction. - I hope they will notice this before it's too late!

It will be sad to see Skype going downhill being a day-1 user of Skype!

According to this was done to be more buisiness like:

"In order to focus its business more, Skype also just announced that it will disable Skypecasts, Skype's ability to broadcast to a large group of listeners, effective September 1st."

Not a nice reasoning if you ask me.

At least Dan York wrote something nice about how Skype changed the way to think about communication!

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Alina Kristall said...

Hey Joerg! I'm here leaving a comment :) well, that sux! Skype guys are not nice :(

Nafcom said...

@Alina: Yeah, some of their decisions are a bit weird. Let's see what happens next...