Thursday, August 14, 2008

Is the iPhone 3G that slow?....

Well, it isn't, at least not for me and I get 600 kbit/s UMTS (3G)
Well, maybe because I am not living in the US?
Who knows.

Anyway, blogger Rob Reed posted a video that compares the TV spot speed wih the speed of the US.

I can only say glad sometimes to not live there. It might be only in some hardware revisions as mine works fine no hiccups or anything....and then notice I have got one of the first 5000 (so first row sent to customers) over here.

Anyway here is the video, enjoy:

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ajh said...

Actually, it is because you live in Germany. I was just reading about that (though I don't recall where); apparently, Germany has about five years more development put into 3G than in the rest of the world. Hence, better speed and execution.



Nafcom said...


If that was the case how did they make it so fast in the AT&T road test? All fake?

Alina Kristall said...

I was thinking of buying an iPhone... but since I live in Peru maybe it won't work :(

Nafcom said...

@Alina: It will work since 3G has been started this year in Peru.

However I do not know who is the re-seller of the iPhone3G in Peru.

But I would suggest do not unlock it. I am in touch with somebody whose iPhone3G's SIM chip got killed by the unlocking. (Apple confirmed this in the forum).