Sunday, August 31, 2008

Ipevo SOLO (S0-10) firmware not working (as it's broken)

I have complained very often in past that the technical skill and the knowledge about their own product of the the Technical Support Guys is often extremely questionably.

I have been stuffed with many false information just to figure out they had no idea what they are talking about. Even being very polite and always keeping their temper isn't really helping the users.

Granted, they released a firmware update that fixes a lot of bugs but unfortunately it appears they revised the update and re-uploaded it just to figure out it's broken now as the device will say you already have the latest update and will just not update.

They have removed it from the product page but kept it on the grouped products download page.

Latest firmware is from Dec 06, 2007 and it fixes a lot of bugs and issues.

Please contact me and I will send you the WOKRING update for your Ipevo SOLO!

I have been told that the Ipevo guys read my blog, so I would appreciate a feedback from Ipevo!

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Anonymous said...

IPEVO's response:

This is the only notable firmware issue that we are aware of with SO-10 from our current customers, so we have provided an explanation below for your reference. We appreciate your effort in bringing these issues to our attention.

IPEVO produced two different editions of the SO-10 Skype Desktop Phone for Chinese and English speaking regions, each with its own edition of the firmware (designated TW and EU respectively). IPEVO also maintains two different websites ( and that provide download and support for these different regions. Due to private or mixed distribution and sales channels, or perhaps because customers purchase our products and have since moved overseas, it is possible that some users have downloaded the wrong edition (i.e. TW or EU) but correct version (.2015 or .2018) of the firmware while trying to upgrade their SO-10. This was not an anticipated issue, but we have managed to address the very few cases that have arisen through customer inquiries. If we find this to be a common issue, then we will clarify this further on our website .

The difficulty in communication you have had with our customer service may be caused by confusion over the edition or version of the firmware. Also, the revised or updated version of the firmware that you refer to is likely to be a previous version of the firmware that we provided on the website for those people who had problems upgrading their SO-10 before (because they downloaded the wrong edition). So as you pointed out correctly, it will not allow you to upgrade the firmware if you already have the latest version installed. With all customer inquiries we try to collect as much information as possible to help diagnose and solve the problem, and it also relies on co-operation from our customers to supply the necessary information. If we were unable to collect enough information to ably assist you with your previous inquiries, then we will also work on improving our communication process with customers.

We hope this addresses your concerns about our customer service and the SO-10 firmware issue. They are separate issues, but closely related to the conduct and reputation of our company. If your intention of posting this entry is to make the readers aware of your views on these issues, then we hope this feedback will also provide your readers with enough information to make an informed judgment about our products and customer service.

Nafcom said...

@Ipevo: Thanks for your reply.

Yes, you are correct about my intentions. Since you didn't reply to my letters, I had to go this way.

It's not true that you "provide download and support for these different regions". Well, not anymore since you removed the firmware section and downloads from the SOLO product page.

Instead you created a generic download page to which you moved the download.

Furthermore it's also not true that I am using the wrong version of your product (I use the EU version) or tried to download the wrong version (I even cannot read Chinese so why bothering with the website for the Taiwanese version of the product!).

I know quite some people including myself for whom the provided update wasn't recognized and no the firmware wasn't older than on the phone!

I received the working version from the same homepage first until you (re)moved the download and obviously messed up the archive. It EXACTLY the same update, the difference is it worked before compared to the archive you provide now.

People went to me after reading my blog entry because the update supplied by Ipevo now doesn't work but the one supplied by the homepage first worked.

Also Ipevo promised an English manual for how to apply the firmwaare update, instead I exchanged 5 (!) emails with your support being clueless how to do it right.

The announced manual never came, instead you ripped the firmware download section out of the Ipevo SOLO download page.

I think those issues are pretty serious and should be corrected as soon as possible!

Anonymous said...

I have version installed on my phone. I recently purchased them at a Fry's store. One thing I noticed is the Caller ID feature is not correctly working in the call history. For example, a call will come in and display the correct info; however, reviewing it in the call history shows the call as a unknown number. I have sent a few emails into IPEVO support but haven't heard back on when this will be fixed. I too am frustrated that there has not been any updates to correct known issues.

Nafcom said...

@ Anonymous:
And there won't be any.

According to what Ipevo wrote me last year:

"(2) IPEVO is discontinuing the SOLO line at the end of the year, and
replacing it with a WiFi Skype phone called the SO20."

Actually the latest solely available firmware is so yours is even newer!

Anonymous said...

(Almost) a year after your post and I touched down here while googling for EU-based ipevo retailers. Straight to the chase: should I buy the SOLO? is it still full of bugs?

Nafcom said...

@ Anonymous: The device was never full of bugs so wasn't the firmware, they just put up /sent the wrong firmware for the SOLO to customers for a while.

I think it's safe to buy it, read my positive review of the SOLO.

However the callerID for SkypeIn still doesn't work properly yet if that is important get a S0-20 instead. (My review of it can be seen here.

Latest firmware can be found mentioned here

Anonymous said...

Thanks for clarifying nafcom :)

Nafcom said...

@Anonymous: You are welcome :)