Saturday, July 05, 2008

Why iTunes sucks

Since I have ordered an iPhone 3G recently, I thought I would just get used to iTunes since it will have to be used for sycronizing.

On first restart it would scan the whole HDDs for media files. Something that would have taken hours. So I aborted it with the plan to resume later. And here is the point: you can't resume!!!!

So how to solve this problem? Answer: With the iTunes Kibrary Updater!

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Anonymous said...

I Googled "iTunes sucks" just to assure myself that I was not alone in totally hating iTunes. It is just garbage software.

I am a graphics professional and make my living on a Windows 2000 Professional box, since this OS is rightfully considered the only one for such use -- don't believe that Mac is better, it's overpriced junk hardware, wimpy.

Anywho, Apple goes and dumps the very OS used by many graphics pros...nope, the stupid, sneaky POS asks me if I want to update iTunes....but OOPS! Only works on XP and later.

So I don't update. Now I can't listen to ANY of the music I paid shite-loads of money for on this machine. Oh, I contacted Apple, they said too bad, have to upgrade OS.

So now corporate types are helping each other to my money? Apple wants me to 'upgrade' to the busted Micro-dork use its product? Yuck.

iTunes sucks. It really does. And its suckiness flows down from the top...

Nafcom said...

@Anonymous: I am sorry for this.
Unfortunately Windows 2000 is not really supported anymore by many software.

Maybe you can consider a 2nd Windows (XP) instalation?

Other than that nothing can be done about it.

Silvercoast Media Ltd. said...

Use a virtual machine image (free XP image from MS - but it's time limited).

Only way around it I can think of for now.

Of course, you could dump the trashy - sorry, flashy - phone and go with something not so platform specific.