Sunday, July 27, 2008

Now you can rate my blog posts again - SezWho!

Unforetunately some functions of my blog stopped working, so did the Outbrain rating system, so I decided to exchange it with something new - SezWho which is a socialising network for blogs based on user ratings and comments to blog posts! It's pretty cool and installing it into my blog was easy as apple pie eventhough their Blogger manual suggests that they only support Blogger 2.0.

However there is one major issue with it! It makes the blog stopping to display in MSIE 6 and IE7 because their security level is by default set to MEDIUM but SezWho only works on LOW.

According to their forum they are working on it and will get back soon!

Meanwhile, if you use Internet Explorer, please set your security level for this page to LOW. Thank you!


SezWho just replied to me!:

------- Forwarded message -------
From: "Jitendra Gupta"
To: "Joerg Droege"
Subject: Re: SezWho doesn't work in IE7!
Date: Mon, 28 Jul 2008 00:37:40 +0200


We see the problem and have a fix for should be all set shortly.

Also the template based layout is going to make this problem go away as
well. That solution should be available shortly.


We are also going to be introducing a template based blogger approach
shortly that

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>Complain now!


Ori said...

hi Nafcom
I'm Ori
outbrain CTO.
I see that our rater is working well on your blog. can you specify what was the exact problem.
I'll be glad if you can describe it on our support forum at:


Nafcom said...


I can assure you I didn't even notice that it stopped working for me until the day I found SezWho - If I was noticing this earlier, I would have sent you a complaint email right away!

Yes. OutBrain still works in some browsers. But the only browser where it still worked was Safari, In Opera Kestrel and IE 7 Vista X64 SP1 (32bit edition of IE7) it totally stopped displaying. Since I only use Safari to test my stuff for the iPhone I believed your rating script is simply dead!
(Pretty much like e.g. Talkstr is).

I always have the aim to expand my blog with useful neat extra services which could be interesting to me and my readers. SezWho just offers this and a bit more and so outruns OutBrain.

If you want I can still supply to you my blog template code so your developpers can look into it to help others of your usership. But for me personally, I removed OutBrain today.

Thanks for being one of my blog readers and listening very closely to your usership, I wish other companies would do the same!