Monday, June 23, 2008

Welcome user "ICQ System" to your ICQ6 client!

Some users of ICQ 6 will find a new ICQ User to his contact list. It is ICQ System - #12111.

The reasons for this step they explain in an announcement:

"Latest Announcements

A Message for ICQ Users
a new user from ICQ on your contact list.
As part of the process of upgrading ICQ users to our newest, most advanced version, ICQ6, we have added a new user name to your contact list ''ICQ System''. The newly added user is intended to improve ICQ's line of communication with our users and assure you continue to enjoy talking to everybody, everywhere."

It doesn't work for everybody. Despite me having ICQ6, I haven't had the contact on my list, so I have added him manually! :)

Let's see what advantages this user will bring to us!

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