Monday, June 23, 2008

New ICQ2go! version!

The ICQ Team has released a beta of the new ICQ2Go! version.

This version is of course still in beta and ready for your testing!

Read the announcement:
11.06.08 09:41
ICQ team invites you to share your thoughts and opinions about ICQ2Go new Beta version.

Please note that starting July 1. the Java version will not be available.

ICQ Team."

The latest version imitates the 2-tab-based swtich of Skype 4.0.

Now the question is who copied from whom. Skype from ICQ or ICQ from Skype? At least I can say it is scary to see 2 major products like Skype and ICQ going the same way or making user interfaces horrible!!!!!!! :'( very sad!

As always you can report bugs and suggest improvements by using a bug reporting form however this time it is hosted on AOL not ICQ.

Also you can see the System requirements here and post your feedback on a dedicated forum.

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