Saturday, June 07, 2008

I have finally ordered a laptop!

Since years people ask me why I do not use my laptop - so I always had to tell I have not any just because I want to avoid sitting in front of computers a bit too much. So I have found my solution to the problem: Simply by a laptop that needs a receptacle and has no internal battery pack so you cannot use it on the balcony or n the go!

So my choice which should arrive here anytime is this:

Commodore 64 SX. It will be the NTSC model! I hope it will give me a lot of fun! I never played Summer Games and Test Drive II in their original speed! :)

photo from Wikipedia article linked above

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lost said...

ha, that is too much techno research for some one who doesnt want 2 use a laptop on balcony

Nafcom said...

@lost: This is the way I am; special :P