Sunday, June 01, 2008

How to force TV detection!

How To Force A TV Out On A Laptop / Pc - Click here for more amazing videos

I have just found this video which demonstrates you how you can force graphics cards to detect even old TVs that otherwise wouldn't work on the TV out connector.

The author of the video added the following comment:

by YaVinchi, 1203178384

Old sysytem was-->push TV out and it did

New systems CHECK if there is really a TV connected. HOW? by sending a signal from pin 1 and waiting to receive it back from pin 3. (Some pc's do it with 4 and 7)

So the old tv's don't know this system, don't know they have to send a signal back AND YOUR TV STAYS UNDETECTED.
With this method you send the signal from 1 back to 3."

My personal opinion about this hack goes along with this one:

"by iamdirtboy, 1202962462

Basically, don't try out any hardware and software hacks that may destroy your valuables until they have been verified by the experts."

Better anybody gets Nvidia/ATI to workaround it rather than playing with blank wires!

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