Saturday, May 24, 2008

Skype's new forum design: Skype worker Ike Roelfsema speaks about it!

Ike Roelfsema - the long-time Skype blogger, Internet secreterian and Skype worker just posted about the new Skype forum design.

Being a first day Skype user I remember how it will started with purple, then changing to cyan and how the Skype Team always had troubles to keep the Forum up and running.

Even relaunches didn't make it long. And according to Ike's post there is just more trouble around the corner.

Ike writes:

"One thing amazed me. The forum users in their 50’s have most difficulties with the new way it is designed (I know, I am also a 50+!!) and the saying “you can not learn an old dog new tricks” came to mind. But all these “old dogs” are wonderful people with a huge Forum experience and therefore very valuable in their feedback.
We listen, read, test and improve according the feedback where technically possible.
Of course it is not only a “design” thing produced by the mind of a few Forum enthusiasts.
An enormous amount of web design skills from Skype’s web team are needed to come to a result.
If you visit the new Community, you will see that we simplified the amount of sub forums.
One complain about the old Forum was the many, many sub forums which made it difficult for people to choose the right forum. This caused a lot of extra work to the (volunteer) Moderators who kept moving posts.

Strangely enough we received the very same complain where we now have far less sub forums: “Users do not know where to post, it is not clear anymore” But statistics show that we move only a fraction of what we did before.
We do see fewer posts then before, less new topics, but the amount of topic views increased tremendously, sometimes even doubled. We love to believe that people found their answer before posting."

I strongly recommend and advise you to continue reading at the source as she also writes about the future plans regarding the Skype forums.

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