Sunday, May 18, 2008

I have pushed my adrenalin - part 2

Almost 2 years ago I wrote about the questionable experience with the game Adrenalin.

Now I have found out how to get force feedback to work (but the force feedback effect sucks, believe me!)

You want to know how to get it working? Take a look at the settings fix for Sega Rally Thrustmaster offers. I think Logitech should supply a fix if they didn't already as I got no way to get it working when I still had the Logitech Formula Force EX.

But now anti-aliasing stopped working which means I probably means I have to reinstall the whole game (as I do not remember doing that) but I won't do any time now as it has the StarForce protection which is not really working for any of my drives... And StarForce only meant I have to purchase another drive, a new computr or I am using a piraced copy (which made me furious since I have bought a genuine!

Thanks NOT to Gaijinent Entertainment, Frogster Interactive Pictures & 1C for either not replying to me or blaming Windows XP X64 for all the issues I have been having. This game is not worth a penny!

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