Sunday, April 20, 2008

How to firmware update the Ipveo SOLO Desktop Skype phone

There have been several speculations about how to firmware update the Ipevo SOLO and shame on Ipevo there is no manual for this on their English homepage and shame on Ipveo but in half a dozen emails asking how to do this, Ipveo didn't manage to explain to me the exact procedure (instead they asked me what software version I have, wanted me to download an alternative firmware and their 3rd suggestion was to factory reset the phone!

With the wonderful help of Howard Chang of Amperor Direct, I can present you English instructions.

Here is what he said (and it works!)

"[18.04.2008 21:20:32] Howard Chang says: Please go download it, unzip to an USB drive, plug the USB drive into Solo, and go Menu>settings>general>software updates

[18.04.2008 21:21:08] Howard Chang says: You will see a question pop up on the screen asking if you want to update the system."

Thank you Howard!

Every Ipveo Solo owner should apply the update, as it fixes quite some nasty bugs! and adds compatibility for the WiFi Network Adapater!

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Phil Wolff said...

Worked for me!

Nafcom said...

@phil: Glad to hear it has been helpful to you :)

michael said...

It didn't worked for me, I stuck up an USB drive to the port, go to Menu-Settings-General-Software Updates but no pop up. please help

Nafcom said...


Then either the files are damaged, you already have the latest firmware or the USB Stick isn't recognize so:

1) Check your version
2) try another stick
3) check the files are ok!

better we shift to email, write to me!