Sunday, March 30, 2008

Windows Vista X64 Service Pack 1 - The bugs it fixes

Everybody only comments on how many bugs and problems the new Service Pack 1 causes, not about how many it fixes (it's mostly only regarding features).

So here is the list:

-The Red Bend Software extractor of ICQ 6 Setup doesn't crash anymore.

-The Realtek AC'97 soundchip drivers work now.

-I now longer get a bluescreen when doing certain file related actions.

-Systray icons no longer sometimes fail to display on Windows startup

-Windows Updatte no longer requires 5 mins just to find out there are no more updates

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new-wave-angel said...

Hi! Remember me? *waves*
Ever notice how everyone hates Vista all of a sudden? It's been good to me so far. :0)

Nafcom said...

@ new-wave-angel: Yes, I know who you are and you are totally right :)