Sunday, March 23, 2008

Windows Vista and Service Pack 1

Finally, Vista works perfect again after big troubles I had trying to install Service Pack 1. Thanks to a friend who helped me a lot copying missing and broken files for me and searching for the cause, I finally could do it by first doing successfuly an upgrade installation (so installing Vista over itself) - a process that took aver 9 hours!!! - I finally could install Service Pack1 on it and all the problems like the crashinbg Red Bend software extractor of ICQ6 and others are gone!! The system is now even more stable and all the bugs I remember now appear to be gone and the system is more responsive now, well done Microsoft!

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Dion Moult said...

Microsoft having you to do that in the first place makes Microsoft suck. Try using Linux, then you have true power ;)

Nafcom said...

@Dion Moult : I can tell you the opposite. I have been differnt Linuxes in 5 years and each time I have got it faulty sooner or later so I had to re-do all work eveytime and you cannot simply reinstall all prgs as in Windows :(