Sunday, March 16, 2008

Beware ebay sellers...

Who tell you that Sega gamepads can be easily be used on a Commodore 64! Infact they can't! It will most likely fry your C64's keyboard/joystick controller chip!

But there is a solution that has been published in the Commodore World magazine #3 and thanks to the permission of the current copyright holder I am allowed to post this here including the scheme and the article.

Copyright by CSW Publishing! Thanks!

Scan and help supplied by my friend Andrew Fisher

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derision665 said...

What? I used Sega Master System controllers in my C64 for years! I liked it far more than my Wico Boss with its busted fire button and rotationally inept handle. And I never burned out any systems!

Nafcom said...

@derision: Lucky you... Merman has different stories to tell regarding Sega gamepads on the C64! Maybe I will ask him to post it here :)

Merman said...

It can be unpredictable if you send the wrong voltages into the joystick port, it can fry the CIA chip. That's why CMD sold Megadrive pads with diodes/resistors added to stop the wrong signals... Master System pads have less "extra" signals (only two buttons), so as long as you avoid hitting the wrong button you should be ok...

C64Days said...

@ Nafcom: beware, Home theater is a spambot, you should better delete his posts (he posted also on my blog, same post, word by word, no wonder, it's a bot!)

@merman: what about CD32 joypads?

Merman said...


Do CD32 joypads have the standard Atari connector then? I would imagine they use extra lines/different voltages for the different buttons, so a similar problem *could* occur.

It was Commodore World issue #3, not Commodore Format

Nafcom said...

@c64days/Merman: Thanks, I have fixed it.