Saturday, February 09, 2008

Trust not releasing Windows X64 drivers because of the market

I just noticed today, when looking for Vista X64 support of the new keyboard I have just ordered - a Wireless Optical Slimline Deskset DS-3200, that Trust states they won't release Windows X64 drivers because of the market.

"Are there drivers available for Windows XP64bit?
No, because Windows XP64bit is more for the professional market.
The mouse can be used without driver as a standard 5 button mouse.
Keyboard can be used without driver as standard keyboard."

I find this weird, as most other manufacturers have XP X64 as soon as they also support Vista in its 64bit version.

There is however a possible workaround: In many cases, Trust keyboards like e.g. the Wireless Optical Deskset DS-3300X are detected by Logitech's SetPoint software as Logitech Easy Call Desktop which makes most buttons work.

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