Tuesday, February 05, 2008

ICQ on mobile: ICQ SIM!

After offering a MasterCard for their members, ICQ has gone mobile as they offer now something they call ICQ SIM which is a SIM card offering:

-Prepaid SIM card
no monthly fees, no contract

-Chat with your friends on your mobile
at only €0,39 per 333Kb in more than 15 countries

-SMS for only €0,19

-Call from only €0,29 per minute
worldwide destinations

-Free incoming calls
in over 80 countries

According to their FAQs, included in the package is also an IM client for your mobile phone named "ICQ SIM".

The very bad thing about this, that Freecall and premium numbers cannot be dialed, also their SMS plan is more expensive than e.g. the Skype SMS rates.

ICQ SIM's service provider is United Mobile

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