Saturday, January 12, 2008

Skype-Watch down again

Skype Watch is down again in order to concentrate on new - non-Skype related business - according to SkypeJournal.

Jan's - the blog owner - comment to this is:

"yep. that is right. I don't see the point in talking about skype right now. It feels like everything has been said already. I'll be looking forward to see what the new CEO of Skype will be coming up with for the skypethisandthat domains. Eitherways, currently I am not even an affilliate of Skype. kicked me out long time ago. I got also removed from the friends of Skype panel, so what's the point ? The point is that there is no simple way to make money with something like Skype. Skype wants everything for themselves. So be it. I refuse to be the idiot that keeps reflecting on "skype for business", since all what it seems to become is yet another IM toy. The other point is that Skype has not yet developer proper functioning business-channels and does not have strong representation in x,y,z countries. It would not be smart to go push companies into the hands of Skype. What's in it for the people who would do that... Not much. Hence Skype Out for now.

Posted by: jan geirnaert "

My personal opinion is: A big pity! Especially since it was one of the best Skype related blogs and info sources. Let's hope it will be back soon!

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Anonymous said...

there is "secret" login for this blog. just ask jan for the password. not sure why it is done like that. maybe this blog will go b2b and not b2c, since you can't sell anything skype related on a site that skype in it's domain-name... maybe skype gave some comment and forces jan into this position. not sure... or maybe jan just got sick and of the skype way of doing "business". this mouse will surely get a tail... knowing jan, he is always preparing the next step...

Nafcom said...


Thanks for the comment, you could be right with your guesses.