Saturday, January 12, 2008

Installing a XBOX360 Controller in Windows Vista X64 can be painful!

Well, I like to learn from mistakes others did and so I decided when I wanted a Xbox360 controller, don't get the wireless one as others have problems with it.

You know there is this golden rule: Never use the old drivers coming with a product on a CD since those drivers are old and obsolete. Download from their homepage instead and so I did.

However what I noticed was, as soon as I plugged in the controller, the USB Sound card / USB headset would stop playing properly. All was overamped and shaked, a really awful sound experience!

Yes, the driver seemed to conflict with the C-Media sound codecs that are coming with Vista. I have tried several USB ports of course, until I just decided to put it into my 2nd USB hub and uninstall the driver and the driver file from the Device Manager and let it reinstall by letting it searching for the drivers online which obviously downloaded and installed some old drivers, since If I would run Windows Update now it will tell me that there is an update from November 2007 containing the latest drivers from August 2007!

I decided to hide it from the selection since it works now!

How to see whether I have successfuly installed the stock driver?

Here is how to see it:

Go to the Device Manager and check the driver details of the "XBOX 360 Controller" in the device class "Microsoft Common Controllers"

If yours reads the same like mine you should be fine:

"Driver Date: 21.06.2006
Driver Version: 6.0.6000.16386"

Also the XBOX Guide button won't work which is a sign that you won the battle.

I have informed the XBOX 360 Hardware support about this, too.

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Anonymous said...

Did you manage tyo get ii to work? Friend has brand new laptop and cant make this work at all. No available help for the problem he is having :(
Vista is as much fun as being set on fire.

Nafcom said...

@ Anonymous:

Yes, I did manage!

I removed the device from the Device Manager, including the option to remove all driver files, too. Then I restarted the PC and then it asked for a driver and told him to search automatically for the driver.

This results in Vista installing the initial driver that is shipped with Vista.

Well, it's not Vista's fault, it's the fault of buggy drivers!

If your friend still has a problem, he shall contact me. I also might help doing remote desktopping with VNC.

Zach said...

, whoever posted that last comment, i cant get this peice of shit to work... just lost my 360 to the red rings of death :(
the case of it was open cuz of a few modifications and i cant get the plug and play kit to work, under the info for the controller, it says its fully functional but wont work for halo 2 or any others.

Nafcom said...

@Zach: Well, maybe the modifications you made broke PC compatibility? (Which modifications did you do?)

There is a driver update from Microsoft you can get over Windows Update which solves all the problems.