Sunday, December 02, 2007

Open known bugs list for Opera 9.50 Kestrel

Since the bug tracking isn't really open for its users (something even Tim Altman from Opera Software admits), so some fans created a Opera 9.5 Beta Other Known Issues Wikia.

They write:

"The purpose of this temporary wiki is to supplement the rather modest list of Known Issues included in the original posts on the Opera Desktop Team Blog and create a one-stop place to look to see if "your" problem has been confirmed by anyone.

If you're looking for a place to post what you'd like to see improved in Opera, then please use the Opera Browser Feature Wishes Wiki.
This list will by no means be complete or official, but should consist of issues that are "known" in the sense that others have confirmed them for you. Opera will likely have confirmed few of these publicly in any obvious place, but that's to be expected with the current bug reporting system. Include any bug numbers you know of for reference.

Please avoid posting issues that only you have seen; instead, post those to the blog and try to gain consensus. Please avoid posting issues that have already been noted by Opera in the latest original post on the blog (some very well may have been confirmed in comments, but few read all several hundred of them with each release)."

Great idea, keep it up! :)

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